Majestic Vapor Nic Salts 30ml

Majestic Vapor

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A true South African Litchi juice with all the right notes of local flavour!

A 100% fruit Juice Blend, served chilled and ready for summer!  

Pure, simple litchi flavour at it's finest!



An autentic Cherry Slush that will remin you of the one you find at the movies.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


DOICE - (Luxury Series) 

Delicious fresh cream encased in a delicate puff pastry with lashings of SALTED CARAMEL!

This is a beautiful, classy and delicate flavour that is light on the palate but delivers big flavour throughout the day.  Can you taste the flakiness?



A delicious Raspberry Pops cereal drenched in strawberry milk


CREME - (Luxury Series)

Think of a luxurious, delicious and crunchy biscuit that is rich in flavour with a smooth and silky chocolate just a touch of coconut and the profile is known as on of South Africa's favourite chocolate biscuits

It's biscuity, it's chocolatey, it's creamy, it's awesome, it's the perfect flavour to pair with your warm beverages


JU-LONG - (Chinese Giant Dragon)

A tasty burst of freshness followed by a kiss of lemon drops and topped off with a cool sensation that's left on your tongue.  If you like keeping a fresh breath after vaping, this one's for you.  Now available in nicotine salts.


OROCHI - (Name of an 9-headed and 8-tailed Japanese Dragon that demanded Virgin sacrifices)

Juicy, refreshing and will remind you of being at the beach.  Peach and lemonade with cool undertones set you in chill mode with this all day vape. 

Now available in Nicotine salts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review