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Yohimbina ( Yohimbine 2 % )


?2 - adrenergic antagonist that reverts Xylazine effects
Yohimbine, CIH 2mg/mL.


• Canines:

0,1 mg/kg 0,5 ml/10 kg

• Felines:

0,5 mg/kg 1 ml/4 kg

• Sport equines:

0,075 mg/kg3,75 ml/100 kg

• Deer:

0,2 - 0,3 mg/kg 5 - 7,5 ml/50 kg

• Ruminants:

0,125 mg/kg 6,25 ml/100 kg


Slow IV injectable.


10 ml / vial. Multi-dose container.


YOHIMBINE VET UP is indicated to revert Xylazine effects. Due to the fact that it is ?2 – presynaptic adrenoreceptors specific antagonist, YOHIMBINE competes against Xylazine alone or in combination with ketamine. YOHIMBINE reverts toxic effects in Xylazine, such us, bradycardia, respiratory dysfunctions, and bloat in ruminants, thus helping the animal for soon recovery.

Its usage is destined to reach an immediate recovery of the patient after been sedated or general anaesthesia is applied.

YOHIMBINE VET UP is recommended in sport equines, canines, felines, and exotic animals (e.g. deer).

YOHIMBINE VET UP is an injectable solution presented ready to use.


• It should not be used in hypersensitive animals or patients with renal dysfunction.

• It use in pregnant females is not check (in order to establish if it is safe or not).

• Yohimbine could provoke a temporary CSN excitation, muscle tremor, salivation, respiratory frequency increase and hyperaemic mucous.

• The mayor percentage of adverse effects has been found in small animals.

• Use with precaution with others ?2 – adrenergic or CNS stimulating drugs.

• It is forbidden its use in sport equines or canines before competitions.


• In deer, do not administer 30 days before haunting season.

• Do not administer in equines destined to human consumption.

• Verify that the safety seal and the storage conditions of the product are the adequate to its correct use

• Keep the product between 5 and y 30º C, protected from the direct sunlight, in a dry and hygienic place.

• Recyclable container. After its use, destroy and throw it in residues collectors.

• Protect the environment.

• Keep out of the reach of children.

• Under no circumstances should the content of this product been exposed to the environment or transferred; this could put in danger the suitable conservation of the product.

• Recommended doses and warnings are to be determined by the veterinarian in charge.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review